Responsibilities of Welding Inspector

Responsibilities Of Welding Inspector

Responsibilities of Welding Inspector

Responsibilities of Welding Inspector

Welding inspection phoenix is associated with very important testing process. It ensures great and fine welding process. You should look for a certified and experienced wedding inspector in order to get the things done in proper manner.

Welding is process of joining two metal pieces together with the help of an additional metal or sometimes even without it. An intensively intricate procedure, it requires unique skills and processes to undertake it successfully. A welding inspector has a responsibility to supervise the process in order to attain optimum results before, during and after the process. Let’s have a look at the primary jobs done by a Welding Inspector in Charge.



Needs to ensure that the job is carried out in a set up that complies with the national safety regulations. Failure to do so can result in life threatening hazards.

Check if the welder supposed to do the job is certified and trained to do it.

The equipment for welding needs to be in proper shape and in perfect working conditions.

Specifications of the weld should be determined before the procedure starts.



Control processes during the welding

Monitor the site and job done by welders

Inspect the entry and exit criteria for the job done.



Visual inspection of the job done.

Monitor if the required specifications are met.

Identify the scope of repair, if any.

Test the strength and longevity of the weld.


Welding inspectors are accountable for all the operations that occur on the workshop floor. Adept assembly and correct welding procedure makes it long lasting and available for public usage. Nevertheless, diversified joints and welds under proper supervision of the welding inspectors have created structural wonders.

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